Can Wireless Speakers Be Used Outdoors?

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I will investigate in how far you can use some wireless speakers in an outdoor environment. There certain things to consider when setting up wireless speakers outdoors. Most importantly, the speakers have to be rugged enough to withstand moisture. But also there are other factors such as exposure to sunlight which can create enormous heat inside the speaker. Therefore, not all wireless speakers are created equally. Before installing a particular model outdoors, it is time to take a hard look at whether this particular speaker will be able to survive outdoors.

If you don’t want to investigate the specifics then I recommend to purchase from a manufacturer that offers outdoor speakers. There several manufacturers which to offer outdoor speaker models which will give you peace of mind because the speakers have already been pre-qualified. However, some of …

How to Ensure Compatibility between Different Audio Components

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Most audio systems are set up in a modular fashion. That means that rather than having a single box, most likely their individual components each having it specific function. Let’s take an example. A very straightforward audio system might consist of a CD player, and amplifier and a pair of speakers. Each of these components has a specific function. However, in order for these components to work together, they have to be able to communicate with one another. Put simply, they have to have a common interface.

There’s a wealth of different audio components on the market and ensuring compatibility might not be trivial. In this article, I will explain some common formats which are widespread in the audio industry in explain how different components can communicate with one another by adopting these formats.

Almost …

A Quick Look at How Audio Technology Has Evolved Lately

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Just like almost any other technology producer, audio product manufacturers continue to develop new technologies. Let me highlight some of the latest developments in audio technology. Maybe you already own a product which employs one of these latest state-of-the-art products.

If there’s one important technology paradigm in audio technology it is that everything is going digital. Personal computers may have been the inspiration for this trend. Computers store everything in digital format. Traditionally, music used to be stored in analog format on albums. However, all this has changed a great deal. The introduction of the compact disc also known as CD has revolutionized the audio industry.

Almost every audio product uses digital technology in one way or another. Let’s take a look at audio amplifiers. In the good old days, audio amplifiers exclusively …